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      Drew Parker

      We at PFLAG Spokane are taking this lockdown time to get things set up that we didn’t have time for prior to the lockdown. So here is our new PFLAG Spokane Pride Title page.

      Here you can join in on the conversation of how the title can work and grow to help serve the Spokane community.

      Unfortunately at this time, any in-person events are not permitted by National for safety concerns. However, that doesn’t stop us from planning for when we are back to normal.

      Also, this is an open forum page, however, there are rules that do need to be adhered to.
      1. No profanity, vulgarity, or inappropriate actions.
      2. No nudity or inappropriate photos or videos are allowed to be posted on this forum.
      3. No personal attacks, threats, or smear campaigns.
      4. For anyone who breaks these rules, if you are a member or title holder you may be brought before the membership for disciplinary actions. If you are not a member you may be removed from this forum. Consider this your warning.

      So again welcome and we hope that we can make this Title grow.

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